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The Airwolf Nylon 680 Filament

The Airwolf Nylon 680 Filament

$ 70.00

As with nylon 618 and nylon 645, Taulman3D believes that the direct testing by knowledgeable 3D Printer operators in the 3D Printing community is the best source of reference and technical information in the actual use of our polymers. The early testing by the 3D Printing community has provided a wealth of helpful information and insight when 3D Printing nylon as opposed to other polymers. Therefore, within a few short weeks, taulman3D will begin the process of selecting operators from around the world in an effort to begin the evaluation of Nylon 680.

This page will be updated as testing progresses. As with nylon 618 and nylon 645, nylon 680 test samples will be free to the 3D Printing operators and manufactures selected for testing. The only cost to the tester will be shipping charges, taxes, overseas duties or any related shipping charges.

General Information:
Test Sample Line Size = 1.75mm round
Line Color = none/natural somewhat more clear than nylon 645 - Prints to an semitransparent very light tan part
Opacity = TBD
Print Temperature = 238C
Over temperature = 255C
Degradation Temp = 328C

Test bars are in print now and will be sent to the Labs shortly.
Note: Nylon 680 is a stiffer polymer than our other nylons.
Strength = TBD however early print tests show it to be higher than our 645
Surface texture = Maintains the slippery surface texture that is a significant feature to nylon.

Both sides of spool will be labeled. No secondary labels will be allowed.
QR #1 - Ref back to with technical information.
QR #2 - Tracking information and batch traceability.

Post Process capability:
Nylon 680 is compatible with Ethylene oxide and Flash Steam post processing.
Note ; Nylon is hygroscopic and any water based processing will require a longer dry time.

Vacuum sealed w/ desiccant pouches.

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