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Airwolf HIPS Filament

Airwolf HIPS Filament

$ 68.00

HIPS is short for High Impact Polystyrene. It has very similar properties to ABS and works well as a support material using Limonene to dissolve it. This makes complex printing easier to achieve and will save you some trouble as break-away support is not always easy to deal with, and it usually needs to be sanded afterwards.

You can print with HIPS as it has less warping than some materials, but it is mostly used at Airwolf 3D alongside our high-grade ABS filaments as support material which will be dissolved away after printing.

Diameter: 2.88mm +/-0.10.
Weight: 2.2lb +/- 0.1.
Printing tips:
Temp: 240-260C
General: purge thoroughly
Color: Natural/White

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