There are several 3D Printing newsletters and we're pretty grateful for that because that's how we keep up on things.

But there is a lot to read and when do you have time to sift through it all? That's how 3DTechTalks was born. We broadcast on the Anchor platform so you can download that app on your iPhone or Droid and we'll keep you up to date on the most important news three times a week.

Or can you listed to the recordings right here. If you have a question about hardware, software or materials, submit it on our contacts page. We'll try to find the answer and announce it during the podcast and give you the credit for thinking of it!

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Interview with Jenn Campbell - Technical Content Producer for 3D Printing Track Sessions.

The Pac Design and Mfg Conference in Anaheim from February 5th - 7th is a great event that highlights what is going in in manufacturing today.  I'll be moderating two days of 3D Printing talks on a wide range of topics. To get an idea of what to expect and how the event has changed over the years, listen to our interview with Jennifer Campbell, UBM's technical content producer and the one responsible for bringing together some important topics.

To listen to 3DTechtalks podcast with Jenn click here.

Generative Design and 3D Printing are two completely separate technologies that complement each other perfectly. In the years ahead the adoption of generative design to product design will drive the adoption of 3D Printing which will in turn drive more generative design.

Mike Bogomolny, the founder or Paramatters took the time to talk with 3DTechTalks and Mike talked about the important role Generative Design will play in the coming years as companies adopt additive strategies.

To listen to 3DTechtalks conversation with Mike click here.


Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 2.43.12 PM

There are so many questions about metal 3D Printing. Questions about the printers themselves as well as the powders. Matt Sands, president of the Additive Metal provider 3DEO give us some insights into this rapidly expanding area and the value his company provides with their unique metal additive technology.

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Metal is arguably the fastest growing segment of the Additive Manufacturing space. Melanie Lang is the co-Founder of FORMALLOY, a 3D Printing metals provider making substantive contributions in the aerospace sector.

Big thanks to Melanie for coming on with 3DTechTalks to talk about the really great strides being made in metal 3D Printing.

To listen to 3DTechTalks with Melanie click here.


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Ken Burns is the Technical Sales Director at Forecast3D, a 3D Printing, Rapid Machining service provider that has been working with Additive technologies since the mid-90s. Very few companies have that kind of experience with 3D Printing.

Recently Ken talked with 3DTechTalks about he calls the "untold truths" in Additive Manufacturing. Thanks Ken for sharing your insights with us!

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Dr. Behrang Poorganji is Director of Materials Technology at GE Additive. 3DTechTalks will be introducing Dr. Poorganji.

Dr. Poorganji's work is at the heart of what the driving force in the industry today. It's about the materials!  The more material diversity, the more widespread the applications, the more widespread the applications, the faster the rate of adoption of additive technologies.

Big thanks to Dr. Poorganji for taking the time share his insights on this very important topic in 3D Printing.

To listen to 3DTechTalks podacst with Behrang click here.