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Welcome to 3DTechTalks (Formerly J3D Services)

How do you know which 3D Printer is right for you?  Well if you don't have much (or any) experience with 3D Printing that can be tricky question.

Desktop 3D Printers are one of the great innovations of the past 10 years but the printers and materials they use vary widely.  The right printer for the K-12 space is probably not the right printer for a team of mechanical engineers at an aerospace company while the needs of industrial designers and architects are different still.

At at 3DTechTalks our goal is not to "sell you" a 3D Printer or 3D Printing services but to understand what it is your trying to accomplish with 3D Printing whether you've been using the technology for years or are just starting out.

Our customers includes non-profits, schools, manufacturers and industrial designers who are very diverse in terms of their skill level and goals.  But they have one thing in common: 3DTechTalks helped them make the right decision for their organization.

We can help you do the same!  

Call us at 1-844-J3D-MAKE or Contact Us and describe your needs and we'll follow up with ASAP.