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3D Printing Services

J3D doesn't just talk with our customers about what are the right 3D Printers for them, we USE 3D Printers for a variety of applications.  From medical 3D Prints for pre-operative planning to significantly lowering costs for tooling applications to 3D Prints for personal injury lawsuits, J3D provides 3D Prints in a variety of materials and quantities.  

Medical 3D Printing

Medical applications in 3D Printing are exploding.  From medical schools to pre-operative planning to doctoral research 3D printing has become an increasing valuable resource for students and physicians to practice their skills, improve patient care and shorten procedures in way never before possible.  

J3D is proud to be the northeast representative for Lazarus3D, a pioneering 3D Printing company that has developed a method for printing anatomical body parts with similar resistance to human tissue.  A surgeon or med school student can practice surgery on these prints and get an experience similar to the actual operation.   

In addition to the benefit of providing models of standard anatomy that can be used to practice a surgical procedure, Lazarus3D can also replicate ailments specific to a patient.  As a doctor at Yale Medical once asked us "can I get a lung with emphysema?".  The answer is yes!  If you can get us the data, we can produce the lung with emphysema or any other patient specific ailment.  


For further information regarding our 3D Printed medical models you can call us at 1-844-J3D-MAKE or fill out our contact page and we respond to you within 24 hours.  

MRI's and CT Scans are powerful tools that have made possible treatment for millions of patients that otherwise would not have been possible.   But for as beneficial as they are the images they provide are still two dimensional.  With 2D images we have to use our imaginations to "fill in the blanks" as to what's really going on inside the body.  For a trained surgeon that might not be so difficult but for the rest of us with no medical training, that's a tall order.  

Fortunately today we have even more advanced technologies that when combined with radiology data produce powerful representations of human anatomy.  That technology is 3D Printing  which allows us to create models that accurately demonstrate what's actually going on in the body.   For medical school students and physicians doing preoperative planning this represents a huge benefit.  BUT there is another benefit outside of the medical world.  

Legal Services - Personal Injury Lawsuits

One of the greatest challenges law firms face is presenting the technical facts of a case in a way that anyone can understand.  Personal injury suits are a classic example.  How do you convey the pain someone is in from a spinal injury just from an MRI or CT Scan image?   A physical model of the spine would clearly show how a pinched nerve could lead to severe and debilitating lifelong pain.  A 3D model of the spine and injury in the jury's hands, each juror touching and feeling the accurate representation of what's in the plaintiff's body (and subconsciously thinking how it would feel in their own body) makes a powerful statement.  

J3D with our partner Lazarus3D not only produces such models but also provides testimony from an expert witness as to the veracity of the model representing the plaintiff's condition.  

J3D and Lazarus work with each case carefully to make sure the 3D Print is accurate so our legal clients can prepare the best possible case for their clients. The process is simple - after a free consultation, the law firm provides the radiology data pertaining to the case. Then a radiologist, a 3D printing expert and medical artist working together will produce an incredibly accurate 3D model of your client's specific injury.  In addition to the 3D Printed model we also provide the 3D CAD file allowing you to present other engaging forms of evidence. These models are first verified by our medical team, and then sent to the client for review. No transactions are made until the client is completely satisfied. The turn around time can be as quick as 2 - 4 days and costs typically range from a few hundred dollars to low four figures depending on the size and complexity of the model. 

This makes 3D Printing a powerful resource in the courtroom and one that will help you make the best case for your client.  Please contact us at 844-J3D-MAKE or fill out the contact form and we will be back with you ASAP.

Industrial 3D Prints

CNC Machining is a tried and true manufacturing process as are many of the other processes we use to make just about anything.  However J3D has worked with many companies that are now discovering there are some tooling applications for which 3D Printing is an effective way to produce jigs or fixtures for less money and less time. 

Tooling applications done in nylon reinforced with carbon fiber, kevlar or fiberglass can often meet the tolerance and durability needs of tooling applications done with traditional methods.  


If you have a CAD file of the tooling you need printed send it to us for a quote.  If you don't have the original CAD file we can quite often create one which will make future modifications for you much easier.