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3D Medical Models

Medical applications in 3D Printing are exploding.  From medical schools to pre-operative planning to doctoral research 3D printing has become an increasing valuable resource for students and physicians to practice their skills, improve patient care and shorten procedures in way never before possible.  

J3D is proud to be the northeast representative for Lazarus3D, a pioneering 3D Printing company that has developed a method for printing anatomical body parts with similar resistance to human tissue.  A surgeon or med school student can practice surgery on these prints and get an experience similar to the actual operation.   

In addition to the benefit of providing models of standard anatomy that can be used to practice a surgical procedure, Lazarus3D can also replicate ailments specific to a patient.  As a doctor at Yale Medical once asked us "can I get a lung with emphysema?".  The answer is yes!  If you can get us the data, we can produce the lung with emphysema or any other patient specific ailment.  


 These videos provide an outstanding example of the benefits this approach to medical simulation has not just for medical students but experienced surgeons as well.  

A presentation from the AUA showing side by side comparisons of patient simulations to the actual surgery using Lazarus3D models.      


Lazarus3D Thoracic Trainer

For further information regarding our 3D Printed medical models you can call us at 1-844-J3D-MAKE or fill out our contact page and we respond to you within 24 hours.