Couple coworkers looking at pipe details, using laptop.

Whether you call it 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing, there are many technologies and materials that make up the industry. In 2009 the ASTM codified seven distinct 3D Printing technologies. These technologies are remarkably different with subcategories that distinguish them from each other even more.

This has lead to a lot choices but also a lot of confusion. The solution that's right for the classroom isn't the right one for the aerospace manufacturer which probably isn't the right one for the consumer products company.

At 3DTechTalks we talk with you about where you see this technology in your organization and then help you choose the right technology and materials.

Along the way we're going to talk about the business implications.  Are you using "generative design" to optimize your product for additive technologies? If so, have you thought about:

  1. How this will impact your supply chain?
  2. How this will impact the parts you have to carry in inventory?
  3. How this will simplify your company's business functions like accounts payables and receivables?
  4. How do you do cost accounting for 3D Printing?
  5. Does implementing an additive strategy improve your company's cash flow as it frees up other resources?

Can both of us together answer all these questions at the beginning? No. But together we can figure them out over time and help you implement - and build upon - the right Additive Manufacturing solution.

Contact us now to start that conversation.

Concept about 3D printing which is an innovative additive manufacturing technology for rapid prototyping and producing complex geometry or spare parts


Most of our consulting work is priced based on estimates for time and Scope of Work documents. However we do receive many requests to help organizations get started in the right direction. So 3DTechTalks launched over the phone consultations answering questions and helping people find the resources they need.

Over the phone consultations are $100 for 30 minutes (but we're not clock watchers . . . 😉