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Our Story

Every business has a beginning and if you do it right, has a plan!!   Well . . . that's not exactly the case with 3DTechTalks.

Originally a reseller of 3DPrinters, we started to get requests to help companies determine which additive technologies were right for them. This lead to consulting projects. In the course of this work we were surprised to find out how much manufacturing companies across many sectors didn't know about the industry which lead to the 3DTechTalks Podcasts with people at the heart of the change of the industry.

As the industry unfolds our goal is to unfold with it to keep you - our followers, our listeners, our customers! - up to date on the trends that will impact your business's future.

Our Approach - Where to start?

Truly disruptive technologies are exciting but also a little daunting when they apply you and to your business.

At 3DTechTalks our goal is to understand your business and potential applications to provide you the information to make the most informed decisions possible.

Stainless Steel metal powder used in Additive Manufacturing with the final piece on the white background.

Meet Our Team & Partners

Collectivelly we've done a lot in a pretty new industry. Check us out and then let us know how we can help you.

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Jack Heslin

CEO & Founder

Jack Heslin has been in the 3D Printing industry since August of 2013 when he was the first Enterprise Executive hire at MakerBot. Since that time Jack has worked with a variety of manufacturing and educational organizations to research and implement the correct 3D Printing strategies. He has also been a presenter and moderator at industry trade shows such as Design and Manufacturing Conferences at the Javitz Center and Anaheim Convention Center.

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Michael Bogomolny

CTO - Paramatters

If you're looking into implementing a 3D Printing strategy, especially for new products, the place to start is at the design stage. How you design for additive technologies is different than you how you design for CNC machining or injection molding or castings.

The place to start is after you do your CAD work you need to work with a great generative design software to take your great designs and optimize them. We're very happy to have Mike Bogomolny from Paramatters to help our customers implement this important stage in developing an additive strategy.




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Joe Eckert

Operations Director

As the Operations Director at Access 3D Services Joe has devoted over three years to the study and use of Additive Manufacturing technology.  With experience operating machines of various types and in a variety of materials, Joe is a wealth of knowledge in the use of 3D printing for various applications.  Joe is the guy we go to with questions about how to print in Acetal or Polycarbonate or other exotic materials.  We talk to Joe about FDM printing vs DLP printing. And what happens when the prints are done?  We talk to Joe about the best post print processing techniques.

For a guy who’s background was in Human Services and who had no prior interest in 3D printing previously, Joe has become the guy we go to for all things 3D printing.