You know 3D Printing has arrived and is expanding.  You know your customers are looking at it and maybe even your suppliers. You know you need to but where do you start??

You start here!

3D Printers & Services

Buying a 3D Printer will eventually make a lot of sense. But before you do that having parts made with different technologies in different materials makes a lot of sense.

At 3DTechTalks our own printers and print services cover a wide range of technologies and materials. 


Want to know what's going on the industry? Who's doing what and why it matters to you?

Follow the 3DTechTalks Podcasts with the people shaping the industry.

so how did we get here?

Three years ago 3DTechTalks didn't exist. We were J3D Services, a small reseller of MakerBot and Airwolf 3D Printers. But over time we realized from the questions we were getting from customers about 3DPrinting (or if you're the technical purist - Additve Manufacturing), there are a lot of questions about which are the right Additive solutions and materials for your organization and where to implement them?

This evolved into consulting projects which evolved into the podcast series 3DTechTalks.

But whether it's printers, materials, consulting or the people we interview for our podcasts, our goal has never - and will never - change. To provide you with the best information and resources possible so your organization will benefit from these world technologies.

Thank you and we look forward to talking with you,

Jack Heslin
CEO / Founder


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